Database applications   

We have been building customised database-driven destop, intranet, internet and mobile applications since the early days of Windows 3, the internet and the mobile web.

From simple customer or contact databases with one or a few tables, to complex, relational, hybrid application for desktop, intranet, internet or mobile devices - whatever kind of database software you need, we can probably build it for you.

Alpha Software's acclaimed product, Alpha Anywhere, which is our preferred platform, delivers enterprise-strength security, multi-user support, speed and ability to process large amounts of data.
Under the Alpha Anywhere RAD we can build your application in a fraction of the time required by our competitors - leading to lower development costs, which mean significant savings for you, our customer.
Full support is included, at cost, for the lifetime of our products.

Having a customised application means your database will work exactly the way you need it to, and will perform the tasks you need in the way you want. Data entry, retrieval, and use, as well as labels, letters, emails, reports, will look and act just right.

Past products include domestic and international transport and logistics management software for US and European customers; contacts and activities management software for non-profit organisations; reservations and hotel management software; CRM databases, invoicing, warehousing, project management and a host of other large and small applications.